Friday, June 1, 2012

REVIEW - (Single) "Die In Your Arms" by Justin Bieber



 Rating: B  

The second single from Justin Bieber's upcoming studio album "Believe" is a pop song. Although I'm sure this comes as a surprise to no one, what is shocking is that it's sounds like a pop song...from the 1950's. Right down to the downtempo piano ripples, crisp finger-snaps and heartache-filled, lovelorn chorus, this song brings back nods of "Tears On My Pillow"-esque doo-wop. The song itself is not too lyrically dense, but shows off a softer, less braggadocious side to JB, or at least a less awkward introducing-my-falsetto-and-saying-"swag"-every-third-word side. However, Justin still needs a bit more time to grow into his changed voice. It has improved even since his awkward Justin Timberlake impression on "Boyfriend" but still sounds a bit nasal frm time to time. But slight vocal woes do little to sink this well-crafted summer sailboat of a pop-song. Prepare yourself for hearing this every single day this summer on the radio.

Bottom Line : Charming, simple and classy -- despite all appearances, a catchy (if less than vocally unique) pop song for the summer. Think of it like a glass of sweet tea -- standard, but beloved summer fare.

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